Back but have been awhile!!

Sorry , it has been months since I have posting on WordPress.  I have been posting on my blog on Blogger so much I almost forgot I still have this account.  Well What ‘am I to do?  I’m glade to be back up here.  It feels like a fresh beginning.

ON my blog I have written some reviews, tips for writers, independent authors, and more about me and my upcoming titles and free promotions.  If you like to check it out here is the link

My original blog site is what I recommend you visiting to get updates, new posting and reviews on publishing services.  I rarely post pictures,but is willing to do more of.  Take your time and enjoy yourself,  I also will post a few video game videos here or there too, only the once that I feel carries an effect story line that I believe will inspire writers in the near future.

Thank you for reading and see you on my Author Page-



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