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Emerging Author ,Angel S. Broady 


Hello this will be my first post here on WordPress and I hope you like it I originally do all of my posts on my Blogspot http://redroserevenge.blogspot.com where I will post my book updates and tips for other independent authors on how to promote and have a great start publishing their ebooks; but I feel I should share the news that I did posted on my blog.  This may not be about gaming but mostly of my next book.  Don’t fret I will Post gaming features on my blog too. I enjoy video games.

But let me show you my official book cover for volume 2 of Yakuza Sweet Revenge which is titled Sealed of Fate that I will place for Preorder only on Amazon for 2.99 as volume 1 will be place on .99 special also on September 1,2014 I will also share a quick preview of the Ebook content just to give you a slight feel of what to expect from the series.  This edition is unlike my  first it’s more adulterated you must be 18 or older to read this Ebook.

I will keep you posted and try to share as much as I can.

Thank you, so much for visiting. 🙂Offical bok cover of vol2




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